Calvin Burchfiel

is an American artist born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating from the Alabama School of Fine Arts in 2006, he entered the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he majored in art studio. After graduation he entered various IT and design related jobs in the midst of the recession. In this time, while not working explicitly in art, he was able to work creatively and also nurture a love for electronics which has an influence on some of his work.

In 2014 Calvin moved to Yokohama, Japan as a conversational English teacher. After a year of settling into a new country, culture, language and job he began a residency program with Koganecho Artist in Residence. As a member of this program he has been working on dark, encapsulating, encaustic night scenes of the area as well as various sculptural elements including masks, decorative items, and electronic kinetic sculpture. Themes he explores in his work often include life, death, truth, beauty, hope, faith, doubt and despair. The imagery and content of his work is often influenced by the philosophical, mythological and religious.